Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mystery Samples

Today I received a phone call saying my package from Scott at YSLLC arrived at the local post office. I'm in the process of moving so I had the package shipped to my parents' house. Mom said "They left one of those 'Sorry we missed you' notes at the door, but they didn't even attempt to deliver the package." Mom was really annoyed. I've had far worse issues with the post office (rummage through some of my old posts for clarification) so I'll be happy to drive up there in the morning so I can begin the festivities.

Tonight, Grace and I curled up on the couch together and watched the episode of Dora the Explorer where they go to Coney Island in pursuit of ice cream. At one point, an ice cream truck hides behind an object and the kids have to guess where it is based on the sound it makes when that object wiggles. Here's the conversation between Grace and I:

Me: Grace, where's that ice cream truck?
Grace: It's behind the tree daddy!
Me: What a silly place for an ice cream truck to hide. Why would an ice cream truck try to hide anyways?
Grace: I dunno daddy.
Me: Perhaps he ran out of ice cream and doesn't want to disappoint anybody.

At that point, Grace just mashed into my chest and took a deep breath and we both dozed off to sleep. My hair is a mess because of it and it actually looks like I've got a giant wing coming off the side of my head. Fatherhood comes with it's own rewarding moments. This was definitely one of them.