Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well, to give you all a brief catch up on what I've been upto, this video pretty much sums it up:

There is a little person living in my house now, and she's asked me to play Go with her. She's got opinions and rationalized thought. She knows how to get my attention, she knows to comfort me when I'm upset, and she has become my best friend. Further, she will be running the board before I know it if I don't keep up. For tonight, an 06 V93 and catching up with my sister, who resides 2,100 miles away from me. Simple days, and simple nights. All is well; just prioritizing my role as father. A real post to come this week.


Anonymous said...

Are you playing GO? Your daughter seems to have the run of things!

Jamus said...

Yeah, no kidding. Look at that dragon emerging! She's already making a point to cut me in half. Future female honinbo, mayhaps? ^__^