Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hiding Place FAIL and Tea Swaps

I was killing time on Failblog the other day when I stumbled upon this image, which made me chuckle.  When humor is applicable to real life situations, it's always funnier to me.  The reason I found this humorous is because every time I order a package of tea, my UPS driver or USPS Carrier do the exact same thing.  I assume they believe my large green doormat provides the same level camoflauge you'd expect from an elite military covert operation.   Truthfully, it just lets me (and everyone else) know as I'm driving past my house to pull into my driveway that my tea is here.  It's a good thing that people in my city only drink Starbucks.  ^__^

Hobbes, your package is on the way.  I spent the afternoon today sampling some of these teas as I was packaging them up for you.  Remarkable to see how just a few months can affect the flavour of this stuff.  One of the teas I'm sending out came from China, made it's way to the UK, spent a few months with me in the states, and is now making it's way back to Oxford.  I would be interested to see how the same teas would age in different parts of the world under similar storage conditions.  If anyone else is interested in doing a swap, please let me know.    

Also, if anyone has any good shou recommendations, I'm all ears.


Amy Danger said...

It makes me want to hide underneath your green doormat. O_O

Jamus said...

It would only be a matter of minutes before the local runners would take notice of you. I'm convinced that the local runners are actually a well choreographed cartel for moving contraband in and out of the city. People in Plymouth don't really run. Maybe neighbour Sara knows something. ^__^

Amy Danger said...

So, the question then remains: Have you been sworn in yet? o_O

Jamus said...

I don't think least not yet.