Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Buddhas

My eldest sister lost her pet of over ten years yesterday; a cat named Morris.  I stopped by her place last night to talk with her for a little bit and give her my sympathy.  She told me that it was a very quick thing; he was fine when she got home, and then he started to cough and laid down on the floor.  By the time she made her way over to him, he was already beginning to check out.  She watched the life disappear from his eyes while she held him in her arms, but knew he didn't appear to be in any sort of discomfort.  It made me wonder if he knew it was coming and decided to wait for her so he could say goodbye.  The depth of cats is amazing to me.  They always seem to know what you're feeling and respond to it accordingly.  They're extremely social without being needy.  Nor do they ask for much from us aside from our love (and food).  It's almost like they're little buddhas in disguise.  


Adam said...

Tis sad when this happens. You don't realise until this happens how attached you get to the little buggers.
Freaky thing is that I too think cats are little Buddhas.

Meditate all day long..
No dualistic thoughts..
No ego..


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Jamus said...


I'm glad we share the same thoughts on these little critters. I actually grew up in a household where we were all dog-lovers and cat-haters. I was also allergic to most cats. After moving out, I ended up with one as a companion and eventually my nose worked out it's issues with cats (although I'm not entirely convinced my snoring isn't the cat's fault ^__^). Anyhow, thanks for your two cents on this. I'm going to share it with my sister. I think it will make her day.