Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just a couple of quick photos. Not much to update tonight. 1) Quickly destroying my first bing of the Menghai Hong Yun. It's oily as all getout, and even more delicious when I brew it to my normal steeping times. 2) New teapots often smell like the north end of a southbound dog. Hence, a picture of my efforts to remove some of the stank. Goodnight.


Brett said...

Hey Man, You take some very clear and beatiful tea photos! Thanks for posting 'em.

tieguanyin said...

Hey Jamus,

Just had my first try at the Hong Yun shupu mini cake. Indeed this has shu yumminess with an oily slick event in the chahai :)! Looking forward to drinking this puerh again.

Have a good one,