Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter is Here, Take Your Time Coming Home

Well, Winter is officially here. Michigan made history December 1st by having the first November in recorded history without snowfall. Now, almost twenty days into December, we get our first snowfall of the year. Albeit not much snow, it's plenty enough for Gracie to have a good time.

Last year, I lived in an old house that was built in the 1890's with wooden floors that were cracked from humidity, and windows that were poorly sealed. The furnace was always running and because it was constantly running, it sucked all the moisture out of the air. It constantly felt as though I needed to turn the heat up. I did some reading and discovered that with low humidity, it will always feel cold, no matter what you turn the heat upto. My solution was to put humidity beads into my tea cabinet, and to buy a humidifier for the house. Both solutions worked to a degree, but not nearly as well as I would have liked.

This year, I am living in a new home. One that doesn't have a typical furnace, but instead has radiated heat and ceiling fans in all of the rooms. I've already noticed my allergies have been better, the air feels warmer and I haven't even had to really use my heat yet, and my tea cupboard still carries a lovely smell (which I was expecting to disappear just as it did last year).

Late night tea sessions are finally giving me a chance to catch up on some of the albums I've been meaning to get around to all year long. With that comes my annual "Best of" album list. Last year, I believe I only picked ten albums, and the year prior was fifteen. This year, I decided to go with twenty albums released after January 1st of 2009 and will be posting those albums in four separate posts. I'd also be curious to hear what some of you have been listening to. Generally, my tastes shift towards indie rock/pop, but that will never sway me from listening to or checking out anything that is recommended to me. Having played in bands with genres ranging in everything from jazz, progressive rock, fusion, funk, hard rock, folk, and and even dabbling with electronic music, one would be hard pressed to find something I can't appreciate.

It's 2:10AM already. I love these nights. I'm finally back to a point in my life where I don't worry. Last night, someone got a hold of my debit card number and charged almost $400 to an Egyptian airline service, and instead of freaking out, I called the bank, got everything straight, and went to the bakery and ended up getting a free gingerbread cookie for Grace and bought a giant dinosaur cookie for me. The girl there was absolutely adorable and had the prettiest smile. It's rare to find someone who smiles with their eyes as well as their mouth. Sometimes, it's the smallest of pleasures that remind us that whatever happens, it will pass. Even with all of the headache, how can your day not get better with this staring you in the face?

Dinosaur cookie FTW!
(sorry, Grace mowed her gingerbread man before I could snap a picture of it.)

This is the time of year when I constantly remind myself to talk, walk, think, and act a little slower. Everything with a little more care. Everything with a little more deliberation. Take time with everything, even coming home. It's been a tough run getting back to this mindset.

Irony = all of the colour coming back to my world as the colour is literally leaving the world and being replaced with skeletons of trees and white blankets of snow.

I think I'm ready to start sharing my tasting notes again.

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