Thursday, February 12, 2009

“Memories of love are, in fact, no exception to the general laws of remembering, which are themselves subject to the more general laws of habit. Habit weakens all things; but the things which are best at reminding us of a person are those which, because they were insignificant, we have forgotten and which have therefore lost none of their power. Which is why the greater part of our memory exists outside us, in a dampish breeze, in the musty air of a bedroom or the smell of autumn’s first fires, things through which we can retrieve any part of us that the reasoning mind, having no use for it, disdained, the last vestige of the past, the best of it, the part which, after all our tears seem to have dried, can make us weep again.”

- Marcel Proust

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Melville said...

i couldn't agree more.
it's crazy. a shirt sleeve, a city street, a song on a CD...........places, and people. love. used to be.

i have been enjoying reading your tea infused posts.