Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick Day

This is the view I've pretty much had for the past couple of days. Gracie and I are both down with the flu right now. She came down with it first, and took the initiative to show me how much of a sharp shooter she is with the puking by getting it only on me. Nothing on her, nothing on the couch. That's what dads are for I suppose. Anyhow, like something out of a movie (a not very funny movie might I add), I stopped to pick up apple juice and bananas for her yesterday after work. I wasn't feeling fantastic myself and called into work because I was going to take her to the doctor if she wasn't better today. While getting her ready, she puked on me again. After cleaning her up, I put her in the car praying to anyone who would listen that she wouldn't get sick on the ride home. Fortunately for me, that prayer was answered. However, by this point, I was feeling very nauseous myself. I pulled into the driveway, kicked open the door, laid Gracie down on the couch (she was asleep thankfully) and made a mad dash to the loo in just enough time to keep everything contained within the porcelain. Lucky day indeed! Taking care of a child when you're sick as well; not as fun as advertised. We endured, and today has been somewhat better.

I'm still feeling ill, and Gracie is actually just starting to groan a bit, meaning she's about to wake up from her nap. I decided to keep foods simple today. Saltine crackers, bananas, apple juice, and pu-erh. I was surprised how easily it goes down on an upset stomach and how much it makes me feel better. I decided that shu would probably be easier than sheng. I can't taste it as well as I normally would, but I still feel the cha'qi working it's magic on my intestines. I've been reading a little bit on the medicinal qualities of pu-erh over the past few months; about how it aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol, cures hangovers. I even saw one study that said it has the same effects as the most powerful cholesterol-lowering medicines on the market. I will have to keep looking to see if I can't find any medical journals showing specific studies with pu-erh and influenza. If anyone has seen such a study, I'd love to read about it. All I know is that pu-erh has been trusted for it's medicinal purposes for over 1,700 years, and in the half-hour since I poured my first cup, I'm already feeling much better. My body feels warm throughout, I've got an angel sleeping right next to me, and a mild tea-buzz. Having the flu has never been so sweet.


Bret said...

Just hang in there, at least you and Gracie both have it at the same time. Hope you feel better soon and can get back to where you can taste your tea again.

Bill said...

shupu and ginger.. Some swear by it. I know it made me feel better.

Brett said...

Hi J.
So sorry to hear you and your little one are sick. I know you will both bounce back real soon.
I also swear by shou puer and I drink lots of it when I'm feeling sick. It really helps but only when combined with lots and lots of fresh water.